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A technology-based wellness program that will help your employees manage stress and stay healthy.

livewell coaching

Value your Employees.

Build a Healthy engaged team.

Grow your Business.

Research shows that a healthy, less-stressed workforce saves money through decreased absenteeism, tardiness, and attrition and increases revenue through improved morale and passion for mission-critical projects.  Other studies indicate that the overwhelming majority of employees would rather feel more valued by leadership than earn more money or get a raise.  LiveWell Coaching is a technology-based coaching app that is designed to help your employees feel as if you are invested in and value their mental and physical wellbeing. As your team begins to build healthy habits that help them manage stress and get healthy physically,  the LiveWell Coaching Dashboard will link improved employee wellness to specific metrics that demonstrate increased revenue and savings. Let Dr. Mike and the LiveWell Coaching team help you value your employees and grow your business today!
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