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stress relief​ for life

An intensive workshop to help you stress less at home
at work, and with the people you love.
A 5-day interactive experience where Dr. Mike personally walks you through the strategies from his groundbreaking book “Stress Relief for Life”. This interactive workshop combines the latest research, hands-on involvement, and practical skill building to help you understand:
  • Why you are stressing out

  • The only way to truly relax

  • The connection between your thoughts and feelings of stress

  • How to make important lifestyle changes that will insulate you from stress in the future

  • How to start a stress-reducing exercise routine

  • How to build relationships that will help you de-stress

  • How to create a less hectic schedule

Most importantly, Stress Relief for Life will help you build a personalized system for managing the stress that you can implement to stress less at work, at home, and with the people you love.
Stress Relief For Life


An intensive workshop to help you walk forward into your future and discover your true purpose in life.
what you will learn:
  • Understand the primary drivers behind your behavior and emotions.

  • Discover the three core beliefs that motivate your behavior and that shape the decisions you make on a day to day basis.

  • Realign the rules and values that operate your life to create joy and engagement in your future

  • Learn How to Develop New Thinking Patterns that will Increase Problem Solving Skills and facilitate healthy relationships

  • Discover how to silence your inner critic and focus on developing a healthy process for life’s professional and personal challenges

  • Create an actionable, personal blueprint to define your life’s direction moving forward.

Forward Intensive Workshop
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